3D Ultrasounds In Orem, UT!

Take a peek at your child with the latest in ultrasound technology!

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Get A Good Look At Your Unborn Baby!

If you can’t wait to see your little one, you’re not alone. We see parents every day who just have to take a peek in on their unborn child! We use the latest ultrasound technology to let new parents get a good look at the baby, and we’ll send photos home with you so that you can share them with the world. Book an appointment today!

  • 3D images look great on your wall!
  • Professional baby ultrasounds make great gifts for grandparents
  • Get printed pictures and a USB full of digital images
  • Share with your friends on social media!
  • Fast and easy process that’s completely safe for you and baby
  • Get a baby ultrasound without heading all the way to Salt Lake City!

Becoming new parents is an exciting time, but the day of the birth can also be incredibly stressful. Thanks to 3D ultrasound technology, you can now see your child’s for the first time in the quiet, low-stress environment of our ultrasound studio!

3D ultrasounds, sometimes called 3D sonograms, are an incredibly safe form of imaging. They use the same frequency as the ultrasounds at your doctor’s office, but they’re much more detailed…so detailed, in fact, that you can start discussing which side of the family the child looks like more!

Making an appointment with Kicks & Giggles is easy, and our 3D ultrasound packages are more affordable than you might think. Ultrasounds make great gifts for grandparents, and they’ll also be perfect for your wall or office — after all, it’s baby’s first portrait. You don’t have to wait until they’re born to start the scrapbook!

When you schedule 3D baby scan with us, you’ll be able to pick the exact package you need. If you choose, you can take home a heartbeat chip that fits into a heartbeat stuffed animal, perfect for giving to an older sibling. Gender determination is also available so that you can start planning for the big day. Schedule an appointment with Kicks & Giggles today!