If you simply can’t wait to take a very detailed look at your unborn child, then a 4D ultrasound might be just what you’re looking for. At Kicks & Giggles, we help people see their little one for the first time.

4D ultrasounds use the latest and greatest technology in order to capture high-definition sonograms of your child. When you schedule an appointment with our Orem ultrasound studio, you’ll get our undivided attention as we show you the clearest pictures of your child you’ve ever seen. It’s baby’s first portrait, and we’ll send you home with both printed images and videos of your child moving around!

4D baby scans are absolutely amazing, giving you detail about your child’s face like you won’t believe. Depending on which week of pregnancy you stop by, you’ll be able to get to see either full-body shots or close-ups of the very detailed chubby cheeks.

We hope to see you (and you’re baby!) in our ultrasound studio very soon. Schedule an appointment with us today!