1. How to Find the Best Elective Ultrasound Near Me

    If you have searched “the best elective ultrasound near me,” you are likely to get several hits. So, how do you discover which is really the best? In today’s post, we are going to discuss exactly what you should look for in an elective ultrasound studio. From offering a package that fits your …Read More

  2. Reasons People Want To Know Their Baby’s Gender Early

    It’s been a long-time debate: should you find out the gender of your baby before they are born? Some people like the surprise of not knowing until the day of, others need as much time as they can to plan. If you are someone trying to decide whether or not you want to know the gender of your child …Read More

  3. a woman holds her pregnant belly

    Why Get An Elective Ultrasound?

    Ultrasounds are important.  Not only are they your first glimpse at your little one, but they are also an important medical procedure that allows your doctor to check on a number of health factors, like the umbilical cord, the baby’s brain, the placenta, and more. We know that for you as a new pa…Read More

  4. Top 10 Must-Eat Foods During Pregnancy

    If you recently found out that you’re pregnant, one of the first things your doctor will talk to you about is your diet and your overall health. You may already be getting a lot of these foods listed below in your diet, but when you’re “eating for two,” you’ll need to make sure you’re al…Read More

  5. Stages of a Baby’s Development During Pregnancy

    From the moment of conception to the final delivery, there are thousands of changes occuring in the development of a baby. While we all hopefully know how conception works, there are countless other details that we may be a little fuzzy on, such as when can we hear a baby’s heartbeat? Or what size…Read More

  6. Cutest Ideas For a Gender Reveal

    Big life events call for big celebrations! That’s why we love throwing parties for graduations, big birthdays, bridal engagements, wedding showers, and baby showers. Recently, gender reveal parties have become more and more popular as a fun way for parents to learn the gender of their baby. Many p…Read More

  7. How To Get Better 4D Baby Ultrasound Pictures

    Visiting our ultrasound studios in Provo or St. George is an exciting time, because for most parents it’s the very first time that they get a good idea of what their baby looks like. Sure, they might have experienced a 2D ultrasound at the doctor’s office, but such low-resolution images don’t …Read More

  8. What Are People Saying About Our Ultrasound Studio in Orem?

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  9. What to Expect During Your First Ultrasound

    So, your pregnancy test showed a positive: congratulations! If this is your first pregnancy, there are likely a handful of nerves that you’re experiencing. This is to be expected, there are so many new things that your body is doing and that you’re about to experience, we get it! One of the firs…Read More