It’s been a long-time debate: should you find out the gender of your baby before they are born? Some people like the surprise of not knowing until the day of, others need as much time as they can to plan. If you are someone trying to decide whether or not you want to know the gender of your child before birth, here are a list of reasons why people are interested in knowing the gender beforehand to help you decide.

Bonding With Your Baby Before Birth

For some parents, the gender of their baby helps them to prepare more. They can get into a mindset they feel is necessary when raising a child of one gender or another. An example of this could be a father who was raised with all brothers may feel more nervous about how to raise a daughter. Or a mom who has wanted a daughter her whole life may need time to adjust to the idea of raising a son instead. We understand that no matter what, you will be most excited for your little one to come, regardless of their gender, but knowing can help some parents feel better prepared.

Another reason parents may also like to know the gender beforehand is if they have struggled with fertility in the past, and knowing the gender can make the situation feel all the more real for them. It can give expecting parents something to root them in their planning and give them a better sense of permanence, that this is really happening and that they are excited to be a new parent.


Names have power, for some families more than others. 

Parents may want to know the gender of their baby so they can have time to decide what to name their baby. Regardless if it is a family name or something new and unique, they want to make sure they feel bonded to the name as much as they do their baby. Sometimes it can be a matter of waiting until the baby’s birthday to pick a name that fits them best, but for other parents, having a name picked out beforehand helps them to feel even more bonded to their baby and celebrate with their family. 

If they are trying to decide between one or two names, a boy’s or girl’s name, knowing the gender can help relax some of the nerves that come with not knowing. Learning the gender and giving your baby a name can help make your pregnancy and new parental joys feel all the more real.

Planning Ahead

Knowing the gender of the baby ahead of time is a decision only the parents can make, but it can help them as well as their loved ones better prepare. In some ways, these reasons may get overlooked, but make sense in the scheme of things in case you are trying to decide whether or not you want to know your baby’s gender early on.

Baby Shower Gifts

Sometimes, your decision to know the gender does not just affect you. Yes, it is your decision as to whether or not you want to know, but knowing can help others prepare too. Your family, friends, and loved ones may want to know so they can get gifts for you, to help you feel better prepared. Maybe there is a family heirloom that your grandmother wants to pass on to your daughter? Perhaps your friend has found the perfect gift for you better suited for a little boy than a little girl.

Preparing siblings

Maybe this is not your first child. Perhaps you decided not to learn the gender of your first baby, but with your second you feel like it would be a good idea to help your oldest prepare. Maybe your daughter who so intensely wants a sister may need to get used to the idea of having a little brother? Sometimes knowing the gender can help you as the parent have a more concrete way of preparing your oldest child for their new big sibling responsibility. 

Health Decisions

Sometimes knowing the gender can help you better prepare for any health decisions or facts that you need to prepare for. Specifically if you have a boy, you may need to prepare to have a conversation about circumcision with your doctor. There may also be a chance there is sex-related color-blindness in your family which you want to be aware of ahead of time. Knowing the gender of the baby ahead of time can help you prepare for these conversations about your baby’s health.


Nesting is a big part of the parenting process. Some parents like to know the gender of their baby to begin decorating the baby’s room and pick out clothes and toys. It helps them to feel more prepared and connected, adjusting to the idea of this big life change ahead. 

It Is The Parents’ Choice

Ultimately, no matter what reasons you may have, it is your choice as the parent to decide if you want to know the gender of your baby. If you do decide you want to, consider our gender determining package and even receive a 3D or 4D rendered image of your child. With Kicks and Giggles, our goal is to help you celebrate by feeling more excited than nervous.