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Ultrasounds are important. 

Not only are they your first glimpse at your little one, but they are also an important medical procedure that allows your doctor to check on a number of health factors, like the umbilical cord, the baby’s brain, the placenta, and more. We know that for you as a new parent, though, it’s that first look you are most looking forward to. 

However, because of this, you may feel some disappointment about just how technical and quick it may be. It won’t be a photo shoot. Mainly what will happen is the technician or doctor will quietly take measurements, look for signs of abnormal development, and check vitals. If any abnormalities are found, additional examinations will be scheduled. Not every technician will take the time to look at your baby with you and explain everything, let alone find out the gender if you ask. You should always trust your doctor, but their job is to check the baby’s health rather than guarantee those first looks. For this reason, you may find yourself feeling upset, frustrated, and perhaps even more nervous than you did before.

If this is the case, consider an elective ultrasound with Kicks and Giggles in Orem, Utah. Our technicians will take the time to look at your baby with you and give you some great images to take home to continue looking at until the big day finally comes. You can share these images and videos with your loved ones, and even keep them in things like baby books to mark every stage of your child’s life. 

Great Ultrasound Images To Cherish Forever

For you, this is the first time you will “meet” your baby. You want some idea of what to expect when they finally arrive and what they might be like when they get here. If your child does a somersault, will they be playful? Energetic? If they are hiding their face, will they be shy? Not to mention, you really just want to know they’re there, healthy and growing the way they should be. To reinforce the fact that this is really happening, you are going to be a new parent!

We help you try a number of positions for the best images possible and take the time to make sure we get the best images possible.

If the circumstances that day make it difficult to take photos, like the baby is facing the placenta or the umbilical cord is obstructing the view of the face, we will reschedule your appointment with no additional charge up to 14 days. In the event we are still unable to get photos that meet your satisfaction, we can help you with any tips to help increase the chances of catching your first look. Please know that sometimes there are just some conditions which are out of our control. We will do our best to give you and your family something to take home though, that’s a guarantee.

Learn More About Your Baby’s Health and What’s Happening

We take the time to explain to you what is happening for your baby and you. The reason our technicians are in this field is because they are genuinely curious and passionate about the goings-on of the miracle of life. They are willing to share that knowledge with you because we know it is interesting and new, and can help you take better care of your little one. They will also help take the time to explain anything and everything should you have any questions. 

It’s exciting not only to see your baby, but to see and understand how their brain is growing, or why the umbilical cord structure is the way it is. We want to share this with you so you feel more excited than nervous.

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Different Elective Ultrasound Packages For What You Want

We give you a number of options and only charge you for what you want. A regular doctor’s appointment may only offer a 2D ultrasound image, while here at Kicks and Giggles, we offer 3D and 4D ultrasound options as well. What’s different is that a 3D ultrasound creates a three-dimensional image of your baby, while a 4D ultrasound is a live video effect, like a movie—you can watch your baby smile, yawn, or even wave. Parents often want a 3D and 4D ultrasound because they let you see your baby’s face for the first time. It’s exciting to see if they might have Mom’s lips or Dad’s nose. We have a number of packages and products you can choose from so your Kicks and Giggles experience is exactly what you would like it to be.

Ready To Schedule?

If you want a more personal ultrasound experience, schedule an appointment with those of us at Kicks and Giggles today. We will help make that first look at your little one even more special and would love to share in that joy with you. Schedule today.