Okay, we’re just going to make this article our little secret. If you’re reading it, we know that there’s someone in your life who might be a little bit on-the-fence about whether or not they want to come into our Orem 3D ultrasound studio and have in-utero “photographs” taken of the baby. You’re intent on convincing them that it’s the right thing to do!

But it’s not just partners who need convincing to visit us; sometimes it’s the pregnant women themselves! Sometimes it’s the husband who’s trying to get a pregnant woman to stop in for a baby ultrasound, other times it’s the grandparents who are more than willing to pay to get a sneak peek at their grandchild. How do you convince her?

No matter who’s balking at the idea of an ultrasound, we’d like to help you convince them that it’s an awesome experience (and that they’re welcome to come along). Here are the most common reasons some people might not want a 2D, 3D, or 4D ultrasound and what you might say to them to get them to come to our sonogram studio. 

“But I Don’t Want To Know The Gender!”

How to respond: “We don’t have to!”

There are two ways that we can provide gender determination services. First is the blood test, which can be done as early as nine weeks. A simple blood draw from the mother is all it takes to get (as quickly as) next-day results. The second way is to take a look in on the little one and look for physical characteristics of boys and girls. This can be done with either 2D or 4D ultrasounds at our Orem ultrasound studio.

But you don’t have to find out! Our ultrasound technicians are very good at what they do, and they are able to avoid gender determinations as much as they are at revealing them. In other words, they can tell you when to look and when not to, and adjust the angles on the ultrasound machine in order to continue the mystery of your child’s gender until the day of their birth. 

“But I Don’t Want To See Him/Her Until The Birth!”

How to respond: “I really do, and I’m excited! But I’ll hide the pictures if you want.”

It’s always important to be honest with anyone involved with the baby. If a mother is super-excited about seeing the child before he/she is born, then they have every right to be vocal. If a husband is so super-proud to be a father that he just can’t wait to get pictures of the baby up on Facebook, then he should definitely voice that. 

There’s always the option of a compromise, where the ultrasound will be done and one person doesn’t reveal the sonogram pictures to the other. Everyone’s feelings should be considered when it comes to whether or not ultrasound portraits are done (with the final decision being the mother’s, of course).

“Do We Really Need To Bother the Baby?”

How to respond: “Baby won’t even know.”

One of the great things about ultrasound machines is that they don’t use any form of ionizing radiation. In their 80+ years of use, no ill effects have ever been found. That’s as true for the baby as it is for anyone who’s having an ultrasound performed. Baby doesn’t care that the waves are imaging them or even know it’s happening.

“Isn’t It Really Expensive?”

How to respond: “Nope!”

Ultrasound packages are surprisingly inexpensive, starting at just $29 and maxing out at $129. It really just depends on the services you’re wanting and if you’re interested in 2D or 4D ultrasounds. We’re sure that you can find a package that fits the budget of anyone you’re trying to convince. 

“It All Seems A Little Weird!”

How to respond: “Maybe a little. But I’ll bet you’ll be glad we did it.”

Here’s one we can understand to some degree. After all, the 2D, 3D, and 4D baby ultrasounds we offer are completely elective. There’s no medical reason to use our services, and the pictures you’ll get of the child aren’t as clear as you’ll get when they’re out in the world.

If you have someone who just thinks that ultrasound baby portraits are just too weird for comfort, there’s probably not much you can do to convince them by showing them our gallery. Some people just don’t respond to the images of other people’s children. But — and this is the important thing — people respond to their own child! A person might never speak baby talk to any other baby or change any other child’s diaper, but they will let down their guard when it’s their own child. Similarly, they’re sure to love the images of their own child even if images of other in-utero children don’t appeal to them. 

Once You Convince Them, Schedule Your Baby Ultrasound!

If you’re intent on getting an ultrasound but are getting some push-back, we hope we’ve helped convince the doubters in your life that getting a baby ultrasound is a good idea for everyone involved. Of course, it should always be the mother’s decision as to whether or not they have a 4D or 2D ultrasound at our studio, but if she’s onboard then we think everyone should get behind her decision!

Once the decision has been made, it’s time to decide which baby ultrasound package is the right one. Set up an appointment and get excited, because we’re going to have a fun time showing you your little one!