Visiting our ultrasound studios in Provo or St. George is an exciting time, because for most parents it’s the very first time that they get a good idea of what their baby looks like. Sure, they might have experienced a 2D ultrasound at the doctor’s office, but such low-resolution images don’t really let them know who’s side of the family the child is already taking after!

At Kicks & Giggles, we do everything we can to get the best first portrait of your child possible. After all, that’s our business! And we know that you want to get the most share-worthy prenatal photos you can. Here are a few tips to help. (As always, you shouldn’t take the following as medical advice. Consult your doctor before changing your diet in any way.)

Drink Water!

Drinking water is one of the most surefire ways to get clean images of your baby. Luckily, drinking lots of water throughout pregnancy is recommended for most pregnant women.

Drinking lots of water has nothing to do with making your bladder full. It’s all about hydrating your entire body in order to make the amniotic fluid more full and clear. In this diluted state, the ultrasound waves encounter fewer obstacles as they pass through the fluid of the amniotic sac and have an easier time imaging the baby. 

Having more water in your system is also beneficial because the increase in fluid gives the baby more room to move around. If the baby is given more space in the amniotic fluid, they’re less likely to have their face pressed up against the sac, something that has ruined quite a few pictures that would have been excellent otherwise.

Can you just drink a few glasses of water before you stop by our Provo ultrasound studio? That type of hydration may send you to the bathroom a lot while you’re here, but it’s not enough time to hydrate your entire body! We suggest drinking extra water during the few days before your appointment with us. 

Have Some Juice

If you’re not aware, babies spend more than 90% of their time in the womb sleeping. But when it comes to getting better pictures of the child, having them awake can make sure they are changing positions and moving around. If the first picture doesn’t work because the child has their face pressed up against the amniotic sac, an awake baby will be more likely to move into a better position and allow for better photos. 

Many doctors suggest avoiding caffeine during pregnancy, but a baby doesn’t need caffeine in order to wake up. Ultrasound techs have found that simply introducing sugar into the mother’s system — fruit juice is often the fastest, healthiest option — will cause a baby to wake in the womb. If you drink a glass shortly before you visit our ultrasound studio, the baby is more likely to be awake for the ultrasound. 

Sometimes mothers will have their own ways of waking up their in-utero baby. After months of having the child inside, some mothers notice that their little one is more active after they eat a certain food, crunch ice, or do a particular exercise. If you have a particular way of waking up your baby, go for it!

Of course, there are no guarantees that any of these will work. We’re dealing with a baby, after all, and…

Sometimes It’s Just Not Happening

We hate to blame someone who’s not even born yet, but the fact is that sometimes it’s baby’s fault! The child might be facing mom’s spine, or pressed up too close to the placenta and muddying the sonogram. It’s not the mother’s fault or the skill of the sonographer that’s in question. (In all honesty we’re not going to blame baby either; they have no idea we’re trying to take their picture.) They might have been in the perfect position yesterday, but today they turned and there’s simply no way to get a 4D ultrasound that’s good enough to put up on the refrigerator.

What can be done about it? On that day, not much. If the child doesn’t respond to an influx of juice into the mother’s bloodstream, it’s very likely that the sonograms just aren’t going to work. At our discretion, the technicians can invite a mother back for a complimentary re-do. 

Are You Ready To Meet Your Baby?

Your child’s birthday is sure to be a wonderful day, but it’s going to be hectic! Having a 4D ultrasound at Kicks & Giggles give you an excellent chance to see what your child looks like in a calm, relaxing environment. The pictures you’ll take home with you are a great way to introduce your child to the world before they’re born.

We’re ready to get you the best HD baby ultrasounds in Utah, and we hope the information above helps make them even better. Click here to find the package that’s right for you!