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Pregnancy Ultrasounds Near Springville

Do you want to see what your child looks like before they are born? Thanks to the wonders of 3D pregnancy ultrasounds, it’s easier and less expensive than ever! Click here to check out our ultrasound packages to find out which one is right for you!

Kicks & Giggles might be in Orem, but we’re proud to serve the entire area around Utah Lake. After all, if you’re in Springville and are interested in getting ultrasound portraits of your in-utero little one, do you really want to spend time in the car just to drive all the way to Salt Lake City? We thought not!


Ultrasound Portraits

Pregnancy is an exciting time, made even more so by the pregnancy sonograms we can send you home with. Here’s a quick look at the differences.

3D Ultrasounds – 3D ultrasounds give you an excellent image that shows the contours of your baby’s face. You can post these images on the internet or frame them for your wall!

4D Ultrasounds – 4D ultrasounds use the same technology as 3D ultrasounds but are more like videos. You’ll be able to share them on social media and on your phone!

2D Ultrasounds – 2D ultrasounds, often thought of as traditional ultrasounds, are the two-dimensional ultrasounds used in most medical settings. Many parents choose this type because it’s less expensive, meaning that they can come back at multiple stages of the pregnancy in order to sneak a peek at the baby!


Baby Gender Tests

Early Gender Blood Tests – This simple blood draw can have a huge impact on how you prepare for baby! After the ninth week of pregnancy, the presence of XY chromosomes in the mother’s bloodstream means that she’s having a boy. Only seeing XX chromosomes means that the child is a girl.

Gender Ultrasound – Do you want to know whether you’re having a boy or a girl? You’re not alone, as most parents are beyond curious! If you don’t need to know as early as nine weeks but are still curious, a gender ultrasound is probably the way to go.

Heartbeat Animals

The baby hears the mother’s heartbeat constantly, and we can make the same thing happen in reverse! We’ll take an audio recording of your ultrasound session and put it on a special chip that you can put into one of the stuffed animals that we sell right here in our studio. They make great gifts for anyone who’s close to the mother and baby, and are especially special for older siblings who are looking forward to meeting the little one.


Schedule Your Ultrasound Appointment Today!

If you’re ready to see your little one who’s still in the womb, we’re ready to help you meet them! Click here to schedule your appointment at our Orem ultrasound portrait studio!

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