Time seems to go by so quickly, but when you’re waiting to meet your new baby, nine months, or 40 weeks, it can seem to take forever. Expecting mothers typically have their first ultrasound done early on in the pregnancy, but because the baby is so small at this point, there isn’t a lot to actually see.

The team at Kicks and Giggles recommends that 3D ultrasounds be completed between 16 and 26 weeks, or between four and six months. This will give our technicians an opportunity to get the most ideal image of your baby for you to attach to your fridge! However, these images can be completed as late as 32 or beyond, there is just not as much space for the baby to move around in, making it more challenging.

What Are 3D Ultrasounds?
Just like a 2D ultrasound, which uses sound waves to capture details of your baby’s body and face, a 3D ultrasound captures images from a variety of angles and creates a composite image, forming a 3D picture. With images from various angles, the resulting image provides a clearer picture and a more realistic representation. While parents love being able to see what features the baby has, physicians can also use the ultrasound to identify any facial abnormalities.

If you can’t wait to see what your baby looks like, schedule your 3D ultrasound with Kicks and Giggles in Orem, Utah. Greg and Kasey Smith look forward to being a part of this special moment.