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Kicks & Giggles Affiliate Program

The Kicks & Giggles Referral Program is designed to share revenues with influencers who are able to provide referrals on an ongoing or regular basis. If you'd prefer to send special discounts to just a few friends, check out our Referral Program.

The program is best if you have a large social media following based in Utah, run a business with a target market similar to Kicks & Giggles, or otherwise have means of communicating with large groups of expecting mothers who might be interested in an ultrasound experience that is totally different than they might receive in a doctor's office. You'll feel great being able to offer them a discount while receiving a portion of the revenue we bring in, and they'll love meeting their little one in one of our cozy studios!

There's no limit to the payout that you can receive by collaborating with Kicks & Giggles, and no limit to the number of your followers who can use these discounts. 

How does it work?

  1. Kicks & Giggles stays in business by offering incredible experiences, but 4D Ultrasound is a developing industry and needs help from businesses and influencers like you to become a regular household topic and an anticipated part of expecting a baby.

  2. We offer you, as a business owner or influencer, a discount on any of our Ultrasound Experiences, and require a few specific advertisements (e.g. a post, story, etc.) in exchange. 

  3. We offer you an affiliate promotional code that you can share however you like,

  4. Appointments paid for with your promotional code are tracked and reported monthly. 

  5. Payouts are calculated and sent via direct deposit monthly. 

It all starts with clicking the button above, and the rest is simple. On the lined form we ask for some information about you and your marketing channels. We'll review your response and respond via email within 3-5 business days regarding the next steps if you're accepted. If you have any questions, refer to the FAQ below, or reach out via the Facebook Messenger button in the bottom right of this website.


Affiliat Payout Tiers.png

Is there a maximum (or minimum) amount I can earn?

No, you will be paid the calculated payout no matter how high or low. For affiliates with less than 5 code uses monthly, we recommend looking into the Referral Program instead for better rewards. There is obviously a limit to the number of available appointments, which could impact maximum potential earnings within a single payout period.

Will I be sent tax forms for being a Kicks & Giggles Affiliate?

No, all affiliate payouts are considered payment for services provided. Affiliates are not employees of Kicks & Giggles, and receive no benefits other than those outlined here.

Who should I contact with questions regarding the affiliate program?

If you have questions regarding whether you are eligible to participate, we encourage you to simply apply using the button above. Should you have questions about program functionality that you would like answered prior to applying, please email

How much will I make as a Kicks & Giggles Affiliate?

Payouts are calculated based on how many appointments we complete for clients who use your affiliate code. The tiers are rewarded as shown in this table: 

What about earnings in $ rather than %?

We'd like to provide estimates in $, but because prices vary between appointments it is impractical to do so. An affiliate that has 25 code uses in each payout period could receive between $117-$447 monthly, depending on the experiences purchased.

How will I be paid, and how often?

Payouts will be issued via direct deposit on a monthly basis. 

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