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Constant contact with your little one.

Don't miss a single moment to get to know your baby!


Frequent Visits Without Breaking the Bank


Kicks & Giggles is excited to announce our new "Can't Help But Peek" package! Keep an eye on your developing little one with regular ultrasounds at a heavily discounted price. Perfect for mothers who just need some extra reassurance, fathers who are wanting to bond more with their little ones, or siblings who are anxious about a newcomer! 

The package includes five Little Peek 2D Ultrasound Experiences, which can be booked as close together or as far apart as desired. One heartbeat chip is included, and can optionally be re-recorded at each appointment. Every 2D experience is also eligible for a discounted 3D Peek upgrade. 

 Stay In Touch With Regular Ultrasound Experiences

  • Cardholders receive 20% off all boutique products

  • Ultrasound Experiences include both 2D images and heartbeat recordings

    • 20% off 3D Peek upgrades​

  • Comfortable, relaxing experience that is not as clinical or rushed as the doctor’s office

  • Professionals who are interested in your personal experience administer ultrasounds

  • See your baby grow and develop between doctors visits

  • Affordable, one time charge to maintain constant contact

Can't Help But Peek

Ultrasound Experience Package

Comparison Example:

(no punch card)

Little Peek #1              $39.          

  + 3D Peek                   $20

Little Peek #2              $39

Little Peek #3              $39

  + 3D Peek                   $20

Little Peek #4              $39

Little Peek #5              $39

  + 3D Peek                   $20



Punch Card                $149

Little Peek #1              

  + 3D Peek                   $18

Little Peek #2              

Little Peek #3              

  + 3D Peek                   $18

Little Peek #4              

Little Peek #5              

  + 3D Peek                   $18



Can't Help But Peek Punch Card:

The Constant Contact Experience Package

The Kicks & Giggles Can't Help But Peek punch card is designed to offer the ideal way to see baby often, without breaking the bank. For the affordable one-time only purchase, you can follow along with every step in your baby’s growth and learn more about your pregnancy from our experts at our studios. In addition to the five discounted appointments, cardholders receive 20% 3D Peek add-ons during any 2D ultrasound experience.

As an added bonus, cardholders are eligible for an added discount on all products, making the punch card offer that much more valuable. 

Many expecting mothers are eager to see their little one and make sure they are healthy and active. While you should be sure to drink plenty of water in the days before your appointment, you don't need to have a full bladder to help get a clear image. Our greatest goal is to capture clear images that help you to enjoy all your first moments with your baby.


Please treat the Can't Help But Peek punch card as you would cash. Because of the bargain price, we are unable to offer card replacements or redo appointments. Please reach out via the messenger button at the bottom right with any questions!

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