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Constant contact with your little one.

Don't miss a single moment to get to know your baby!


Enjoy The Best 4D Ultrasound Studio Experience


Kicks & Giggles is excited to announce our new Pregnancy Package! Follow your little one through every step of your journey together with this full-service offer. Any time after 12 weeks, we can begin the first steps of your Pregnancy Package with a 2D, first peek image of your baby. As your pregnancy progresses, this package also covers a gender determination session, a heartbeat recording for you to listen to as much as you’d like, and even 4D photos and videos which show clearly what your baby looks like as they grow! This is all covered by your one-time purchase of the Bundle of Joy punch card, with a number of appointments spanning your entire pregnancy. Schedule your appointment with us to enjoy all the “baby steps” today!

Bundle of Joy

4D Ultrasound Studio Package
$299 For Everything Below!

Before 16 Weeks
2D Little Peek
  • 3-5 minute ultrasound

  • 3-5 B&W pictures

  • Listen to your baby's heartbeat

  • (Optional) baby's heartbeat recording

First Visit

16-23 Weeks
Early View 4D Ultrasound
  • Gender Determination

    • 10 - 15 minutes

  • 4D peek

  • 1-3 3D pictures

  • USB flash drive with images

  • B&W prints

  • (Optional) Baby's heartbeat stuffed animal

Second Visit

27-32 Weeks
All Giggles Package​
  • 5-10 minute 2D ultrasound

  • 20-30 minutes in 4D/HD

  • Gender verification (upon request)

  • Listen to baby’s heartbeat

  • Images loaded to flash drive

  • Screen recorded to USB

  • Printed color 3D images

  • Printed B&W 2D images

Third Visit

35+ Weeks
Kicking Baby Package
  • 15-20 Min 4D/HD ultrasound

  • Gender verification (upon request)

  • Listen to your baby’s heartbeat

  • (Optional) update heartbeat recording chip

  • Check if baby is head-down

  • Images loaded to flash drive

  • Printed color images

  • Printed B&W images

Fourth Visit

 Capture Every “Baby Step” With The Bundle of Joy

  • Includes 2D and 4D images and videos which can be shared easily

  • Comfortable, relaxing experience that is not as clinical or rushed as the doctor’s office

  • Professionals who are interested in pregnancy and childbirth administer ultrasounds

  • Take time seeing your baby for the first time

  • Affordable, one time charge to capture every step of your pregnancy 

Bundle of Joy Punch Card

4D Ultrasound Experience Package

The Kicks & Giggles Bundle of Joy punch card is designed to offer excited expecting parents an all-in-one experience throughout the course of their pregnancy. We understand if, after your first session, you want to schedule more sessions to see your baby and capture your first moments together. We’ve created this package which includes our popular All Giggles and Kicking Baby packages, and more who want more than just one session with their little one.

For the affordable one-time only purchase, you can follow along with every step in your baby’s growth and learn more about your pregnancy from our experts at our studios. Don’t feel like you have to choose between two packages and budget for more than one; you can have it all and more with the Bundle of Joy.

Many expecting mothers are eager to see their little one and make sure they are healthy and active. Before your appointment, be sure to drink plenty of water in the days before your appointment to help get a clear image. We also recommend drinking a glass of fruit juice half an hour before your appointment (assuming this is acceptable as per your doctor). Otherwise, the Bundle of Joy guarantees one free rescan throughout the duration of your package/pregnancy. This can help the baby be more visible and active during your session for the very best images! Our greatest goal is to capture clear images that help you to enjoy all your first moments with your baby.

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