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How can you gift a life-changing experience?

Use gift cards as the unforgettable gift: introduce mother to baby!


For the first baby, the last baby, and babies in-between...

All of the ultrasound packages at Kicks & Giggles are designed to provide families and their friends with the unique jump-start to building a relationship with growing baby. From capturing the first moments of life with 2D ultrasound, to anticipating chubby cheeks with 4D ultrasound and 3D images, a simple gift card turns these experiences into the perfect gift for any baby shower or gift-giving occasion. If you're wondering what to give an expecting mother for her birthday or for Christmas, a gift card will allow them to choose exactly how they'd like to get to know their little one. 

Gift cards are perfect for more than just mama-to-be: dads frequently feel more disconnected from their unborn children than moms do. Seeing baby in 3D can seem like a strange idea for them at first, but many dads agree that they feel much more connected with both baby and mom after the experience of meeting baby over ultrasound.

You can buy gift cards in-store or order them online. Scroll down for more information on how gift cards work!



Frequent feedback:

  • "Wow, this really made things feel real!"

  • "I've had ultrasounds with the doctor, but this has been so much more fun to watch my baby move around" 

  • "After this, I feel like she's really my baby! I can't wait to meet her!"

  • "Now that I've seen him, I know exactly what his name should be,"

How Gift Cards Work

At Kicks & Giggles we offer both online e-gift cards (or gift codes) as well as physical gift cards. E-gift cards are available to purchase both online and in-store. Physical cards must be picked up in-store (call ahead for availability). 

Gift cards can be used towards any product or service, including ultrasound, add-ons, DNA gender tests*, service packages*, and boutique items. All items purchased with gift cards are taxed normally, as tax is not charged when purchasing the gift card itself, so you may want to consider that Utah sales tax is 7.25% when loading the card.

Gift cards are available in any amount. You may want to review pricing for the Ultrasound Experiences we offer before purchasing. Here are some common amounts you may decide to load on a gift card:

$30 : Give the gift of choice, and let mom-to-be pick from our curated selection of favorite mom & baby products. Or they can choose to use towards the price of an ultrasound experience!
$58 :  2D Ultrasound experience with heartbeat stuffed animal - good for any stage of pregnancy, including first trimester!
$77 : Gender determination and 2D Ultrasound experience, including two gender-colored smoke bombs - best for early second trimester
$96 : The heartthrob - do you know a mom who always wants to make sure baby is ok? Give a 2D ultrasound experience to see baby's heart beat, record it on a heart-shaped player, and send them home with a fetal doppler so they can listen to the heartbeat whenever they like!
$321* : Bundle of Joy pregnancy package - give them a bit of everything Kicks & Giggles has to offer at a steep discount! Best in the first two trimesters of pregnancy. 
Read more about the Bundle of Joy here.
$155 : Top-of-the-line - Give a 3D/4D ultrasound experience, heartbeat recording, video recording, and lots of pictures. Best for baby showers!

E-gift cards will be emailed directly to the email you provide at checkout. To apply a gift credit directly to an existing account, call the studio during business hours. Physical gift cards can be picked up from any Kicks & Giggles studio (call ahead for availability).

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