Take a small peek into your baby’s world and take home some keepsakes to show off your little one to everyone you know. With Kicks & Giggles pregnancy ultrasounds, you can see your baby moving around in real time. We offer a 5-10 minute 2D ultrasound where all expecting mothers receive the chance to listen to their baby’s heartbeat. We offer printed black and white images to take home, and a heartbeat chip with baby’s heartbeat recorded. You can also choose to put it in a baby heartbeat bear!

2D ultrasounds are a wonderful way to enjoy the simplicity and beauty of your new baby. These are the standard ultrasounds used for obstetric ultrasounds. We can see the development of your baby and also perform gender ultrasounds, assuming you come in to see us after you pass 16 weeks (and assuming you want to know which it is!).

Many expecting mothers want to ensure their babies are active during the appointment. In order to ensure clear imaging and promote movement during the gender scan appointment, make sure to drink plenty of water in the days leading up to your appointment. Finally, half an hour before the appointment, we recommend drinking some fruit juice (assuming this is acceptable as per your doctor). This can help wake up the baby and make them more active!


Reach out to us today to schedule your memorable 2D ultrasound with Kicks & Giggles!