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Pregnancy Ultrasounds Near American Fork

If you live around American Fork and think you have to head north to Salt Lake City to get the best baby ultrasounds around, think again! We have the same great 3D ultrasound equipment in our studio just a few minutes south in Orem!

Getting baby ultrasounds in a doctor’s office is a lot of fun for parents, but what we offer in our ultrasound studio is an even more fulfilling experience. We offer 2D, 3D, and even 4D ultrasounds, as well as early gender determination so that you can plan accordingly.


Pregnancy Ultrasounds

There are so many reasons people stop by in order to get ultrasounds of their unborn child. Here are three forms of ultrasound and what you’ll get with them.

2D Ultrasounds – 2D ultrasounds are the most basic ultrasounds, but they can be an excellent low-cost option for parents who want to take a peek in on their child or find out what a gender ultrasound has to say. They are also a great option when mothers want to compare their own decades-old ultrasounds to that of their unborn child!

3D Ultrasounds – Like 2D ultrasounds, 3D ultrasounds are static images. But 3D ultrasounds are so much more detailed, allowing you to have a very good idea of what your baby will look like once they’re born. In other words, it’s baby’s first portrait! These make great gifts for grandparents, and many parents put them up on the nursery wall.


4D Ultrasounds – This type of ultrasound is actually a video made up of multiple 3D ultrasounds. You’ll get to see your baby move, and we’ll send you home with this video so that you can share it on social media.

Baby Gender Determination

Knowing which gender a child is makes life a lot easier for parents and gift-givers alike. Here are two easy ways to find out more about your unborn child!

Gender Blood Test – A simple blood draw from the mother is all it takes to find out what gender your child is as early as nine weeks into the pregnancy! A woman carrying a girl will have only XX chromosomes to match the female child. But a woman with XY chromosomes in her blood — which should wouldn’t normally have — shows that she’s having a boy. We can get you next-day results so you can start planning!


Gender Ultrasound – At around 16 weeks the physical differences between boys and girls in the womb become obvious. We can let you know which you’re having with 2D, 3D, and 4D ultrasounds.

Baby Heartbeat Bears

Baby heartbeat bears make great gifts, especially for older brothers or sisters who are awaiting the new baby as well!

We’ll take a recording of your baby’s heartbeat and put it on a special chip. These chips can be put inside special stuffed animals we offer — whether a bear or other type of cuddly critter — so that you or someone in your life can listen to it at any time.

Schedule Your Baby Ultrasound Today!

You might find it hard to believe, but we can help you feel even closer to your little one! Click here to find the package that works best for you.

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