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Pregnancy Ultrasounds Near Lindon

Living in Lindon has its advantages, and one of them is being so close to our Orem pregnancy ultrasound studio! You don’t have to head all the way up to Salt Lake City in order to get high-quality 3D and 4D ultrasounds of your baby…just a quick drive to Kicks & Giggles is all it takes!

We have one goal here at Kicks & Giggles: helping you get to you know baby better while they are still in the womb. Let’s take a look at how coming to our ultrasound studio can help you get ready for your little one.

Baby Gender Tests


While we’re primarily a baby ultrasound studio, we get so many parents who just can’t wait until the baby’s birth to find out if they’re having a boy or a girl. We have two very distinct ways to help them plan.

Gender Blood Test – This is the earliest way to start preparing for your baby! After the ninth week of pregnancy, a simple blood draw from the mother is all it takes to find out if there is a boy or a girl in the womb. Since the mother and baby share blood, any XY chromosomes in the mother’s blood means that she’s having a boy. A lack of XY chromosomes means a girl!

Gender Ultrasounds – Physical representations of the child’s gender tend to be easily viewable on an ultrasound after about the 14th week of pregnancy. If you don’t have an official doctor’s appointment coming up until week 20, we can let you know the gender of your child much sooner.

2D, 3D, and 4D Ultrasounds

Ultrasound technology has been around for decades, and it keeps getting better and better. Here are some of the services we can offer when it comes to baby ultrasounds.


2D Ultrasounds – 2D ultrasounds are what most people think of when they hear the word “baby ultrasound.” These black-and-white images are the simplest and cheapest way to have a check-in on your little one!

3D Ultrasounds – 3D ultrasounds give a much more detailed image of your unborn child, letting you see the beautiful contours of their face. It’s much more like a traditional picture, and they’re so detailed that you can see which side of the family they’re taking after!

4D Ultrasounds – 4D ultrasounds use the same technology as 3D ultrasounds with one big difference…it’s much more like a video! You’ll be able to see your baby moving and post these videos all over the internet!

Baby Heartbeat Stuffed Animals

here are few things more calming than the sound of your baby’s heartbeat, and we can record this sound and put it on a special chip. These chips can be placed inside special heartbeat stuffed animals so that you — or a sibling — can feel even closer to the new baby.

Ready To Meet Your Baby?

You might feel close to your baby now, but just wait until you visit us at Kicks & Giggles! Check out our ultrasound package options here, then schedule an appointment!

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