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Pregnancy Ultrasounds Near Spanish Fork

If you’re looking for pregnancy ultrasounds or gender determination in Utah, you might think that you have to drive all the way to Salt Lake City. We’re happy to let you know the Kicks & Giggles is going to save you some time in the car, because you’ll only have to drive as far as Orem!

Our ultrasound studio is ready to let you get a sneak peek at your unborn child, and you don’t have to drive all the way up to the capital from Spanish Fork in order to make it happen. Here’s what we offer so that you can feel even closer to your baby!

Baby Ultrasounds


Ultrasounds at our Orem studio are an excellent way to get your first high-quality images of your baby. Whether you’re looking for detailed 4D ultrasound video or just want to check in with a quick 2D ultrasound, we’d be happy to help you check in on them.

2D Ultrasounds – 2D ultrasounds are the most traditional ultrasounds. These black and white images are much like the ones you’ll find in a doctor’s office. They make an excellent low-cost option for parents interested in getting regular updates regarding their little one.

3D Ultrasounds – 3D ultrasounds are baby’s first portrait! These images are highly detailed and give you an excellent idea of what the baby will look like once he or she is born. You’ll get to see the contours of their face and the chubbiness of their arms. These portraits are an excellent option to put up on your wall or to give as gifts to grandparents.

4D Ultrasounds – 4D ultrasounds are much like 3D ultrasound images, except you can see your baby move around…in other words, a video! We offer packages that will let you take home both still and video images of your baby that you can share on social media.


Gender Determination

We completely understand parents’ interest in knowing the gender of their child before he or she is born. We offer two ways to find out.

Gender Ultrasounds – At around 16 weeks of pregnancy a baby has grown enough so that an ultrasound can see the physical differences between a boy and a girl. We offer ultrasound packages that include a gender ultrasound and printed images of your little one.

Early Gender Blood Test – Don’t worry, we don’t need any blood from the baby. We take a simple blood draw from the mother, since she is sharing blood with the baby. If only XX chromosomes are present in the blood draw, then the baby is a girl. If there are XY chromosomes (which a mother normally wouldn’t have), it’s a boy. This test can be done as early as 9 weeks into pregnancy!


Baby Heartbeat Stuffed Animal

There’s something incredibly soothing about hearing your baby’s heartbeat, and that’s why we offer baby heartbeat stuffed animals. We can place the sounds of your baby’s heartbeat on a special chip, and then put it in a stuffed animal that we offer at our ultrasound studio. These make great gifts for siblings so that they can feel closer to their unborn brother or sister.

Schedule an Appointment With Our Ultrasound Studio!

If you live in the Spanish Fork area, there’s no need to head all the way to Salt Lake City for the best baby ultrasounds around. Click here to pick your package and schedule an appointment with us!

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