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Pregnancy Ultrasounds Near Vineyard

If you live in Vineyard, UT, we have some great news for you. You don’t have to go all the way to Salt Lake City in order to get amazing 3D and 4D ultrasound images of your unborn baby

Here at Kick & Giggles ultrasound studio, we know that mother and baby are as close as can be. But we also know that actually seeing the child in the womb — thanks to the scientific wonders of baby ultrasounds — is an amazing experience for the mother and the entire family. Here are some of the ways in which we can make the child an even bigger part of your lives!

4D and 3D Ultrasounds


Ultrasound technology can show you amazing images of your baby, and we want to be there to see the look on your face when it happens! Click here to check out the different portrait packages we offer.

3D Ultrasounds – 3D ultrasounds use the latest technology in order to get highly-detailed images of your little one. These are perfect to put on your wall and could be considered “baby’s first portrait”!

4D Ultrasounds – The extra “D” from 3D to 4D ultrasounds is the dimension of time…in other words, you’ll get to take home moving videos of your in-utero baby! It’s a great way to introduce the online world to your little one.

2D Ultrasounds – 2D sonograms might look a bit old fashioned, but they certainly get the job done! 2D ultrasounds are a low-cost way to check in on your little one and get some images of their profile. You’ll also take home black and white printouts to show off to everyone you see.

Baby Gender Tests In Vineyard, UT

While some parents like to find out if their child is a boy or a girl on the big day, we say “why wait?” It’s a surprise either way!


Gender Ultrasounds – Once a child reaches 14 weeks in the womb, physical differences can be seen on the ultrasound so that you can better prepare for baby showers.

Gender Blood Test – All it takes is a simple blood draw from the mother in order to find out if the child is going to be a boy or a girl. This test can be done at just nine weeks of pregnancy.

Heartbeat Bears and Animals

When you’re here at our ultrasound studio, we can almost guarantee that you’ll be entranced by the sound of your baby’s heartbeat. Now you can take the sound home with you!

When you’re having your ultrasound, we’ll take a recording of baby’s heartbeat and put it on a chip. You can then pick one of our heartbeat animals to put the chip in. Keep it for yourself, give it to a grandparent, or give it to the unborn child’s sibling.

Come Visit Our Ultrasound Studio!

We’re ready to make your baby even more real to you. Schedule an appointment for a baby ultrasound today!

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