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DNA: A Whole New Level to Your Baby

Find out their gender, sleep patterns, physical traits, nutrition, and more!


Get to know your baby's DNA!

The unique properties of DNA allow for you to find out so much about them before they're all grown! One of our most popular services is Gender Determination via DNA. 

A brand new product, DNA Traits, uses a cheek swab (no blood or saliva) and a scientifically validated genot

DNA Gender

​Early Gender Prediction DNA test

  • Full Service Venipuncture

  • Results via email in 2-4 days 

    • Expedited results next-day (at extra cost)

      • Based on time and day of draw​

  • 10% off same-day Little Peek Ultrasound

Maternal blood draw
Starting at 6 Weeks of Pregnancy

DNA Traits

​Post-birth genetic genotyping

  • Purchase the take-home kit any time

  • Swab baby's (or toddler, or adult!) cheek

  • Self-addressed box for pre-paid return mailing

  • Fast results for 25+ traits

    • Physical Features​

    • Nutrition & Taste

    • Sleep Behavior

Cheek Swab
Take-Home Kit for After Birth
Available for Purchase
  • Prepare the nursery for the little one months before the birth

  • Tell your friends which kinds of baby clothes to get

  • If you already have three boys, you’ll get to mentally prepare for having a girl!

  • It’s a surprise no matter when you find out!

  • Gender ultrasounds start at 16-weeks.

  • Early gender blood tests (a simple blood draw from the mother) can be done at just 6 weeks!


Gender Determination

You have a little bundle of joy on the way, but what’s it going to be? Find out whether you can expect a little sugar, spice, and everything nice (or snips, snails, and puppy dog tails) by choosing gender determination ultrasounds or tests with Kicks & Giggles. We provide comfortable, easy gender tests that allow you to leave your appointment feeling excited about the future. Our two baby gender test packages both provide a sure way to know what to expect when your due date arrives.

Gender View by Ultrasound

During the Gender View, we use the ultrasound to take a look at whether you have a little girl or a little boy growing in the womb. You can see the images of your baby for yourself, enjoy a 5-10 minute 2D ultrasound, and listen to your baby’s heartbeat in real time. Once your gender scan ultrasound is over, we provide you with printed black and white images for you to display and show to your loved ones.


Gender SneakPeek©

If you simply can’t wait to find out what’s on its way, choose our Gender SneakPeek©  package! We provide an early gender blood test and determine the gender of the baby that way. You can find out what to expect as early as six weeks into your pregnancy. Once we have the blood sample, we process the results to find the shared fetal DNA circulating in the mother’s bloodstream.

Since females have two X chromosomes and males have one X and one Y, the presence of a Y chromosome means the baby is a boy. If there is no Y chromosome present, the baby is a girl.

We look forward to showing you a glimpse into your future family! We are the only studio in Utah to offer early baby gender determination at six weeks by DNA, so don’t miss your chance.
Book online or call today to schedule your session in advance.
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